Finding Sedona

I imagined the name “Sedona” as being of American Indian or Spanish origin. But actually, in the early 1900’s, a Caucasian named T.C. Schnebly petitioned the U. S. Postal Service to make a postal stop in the area. The post office needed a name and he suggested several which were rejected by the Postmaster General for they were too long. His brother suggested using T.C.’s wife’s name. Fortunately, she had a lovely name – Sedona.

$25 million home under construction in the shadow of Cathedral Rock

Sedona viewed from mountain highway

What a spot for a picnic!

Red Rocks - looks almost like figures carved in the side

Downtown Sedona

Church of the Cross

English: A picture of the Chapel of the Holy C...

Pretty as a picture!

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Colorful Tucson

La Placida Village is a colorful collection of buildings in downtown Tucson. They house businesses, cafes, and the Tucson Visitors Center. It’s a great place to start your visit to Tucson. Just wander through the village and take lots of pictures!

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Why did the coyote cross the road?

Our visit to Cave Creek, a cute little town north of Phoenix.

A really big boot…


Navajo jewelry stand…

Adobe homes…

And a coyote crossing the road!

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It’s a Grand Canyon!

The Grand Canyon is breathtaking and it is virtually impossible to take a bad picture of it. All you can say is “Wow!” The scope of it is overwhelming and something everyone should experience.

And after the beauty and drama of nature, you have to take a ride on the Grand Canyon Railroad. Gazing out the window you suddenly see men on horseback galloping across the plains. Could it be??? Yes, it’s a train robbery! Oh no!

Who did you expect, Kevin Costner?

I have to remember to put some holes in this thing. I can’t breathe!

Excuse me sir but do you accept major credit cards?

One lady thought it was the real thing and locked herself in the toilet! I kid you not!


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The Cactus and the Cat

We’ve all heard of cats getting stuck in trees, but this is ridiculous!

This poor little bobcat was chased up a cactus by a mountain lion. But don’t worry, he eventually made it down safe and sound.

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Old Tucson Studios

Into the West

“Just fifteen minutes from Tucson at the base of the Tucson Mountains lay a preserved slice of Americana, Old Tucson. Passing through the gates of an old frontier town, visitors from around the globe are transported back to a time when fearless men with six shooters ruled the Old West. The perfect setting for the more than 300 movies and television productions filmed at the location since 1939.”

You can ride a stagecoach, pose with a cowboy, wander the movie sets, and watch an authentic looking gun fight (much better than the ones in Tombstone, IMO).  A must see!

  Of course there are shops where you can buy western themed merchandise, have your photo taken as a cowboy or dance hall girl, and cafes serving wagon-wheel pizza, barbeque ribs and cowboy beans.  One of the things I loved best about Old Tucson Studios is the authentic feel of it. It  is located in the middle of the mountains surrounded by saquaro forests and tumbleweeds. I met real cowboys who take visitors horseback riding on trails surrounding the studio. Unfortunately, we were a bit skittish about getting on the huge horses, so we passed.

The owners of the one of the Western shops were a husband and wife who looked like they just walked out of a John Wayne movie. They live on a ranch in Montana and come down to Tuscon during the winter months to escape the bitter cold.

So if you are looking for a fun, Real West experience, head to Old Tucson.
You’ll love it!

Saguaros, agave and other desert plants flank ...

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My Dream Home

I found this house for sale while I was wandering the web. It is not the most expensive Sedona home ($599,000) but the views are worth a million. And I love the decor. Wonder if they are selling it furnished:)

I would never leave home if I lived here!

Amazing views from all sides

Love the American Indian decor

I'd love to watch the sun rise from this bedroom!

I might actually cook if I had this kitchen!

I just want to light the fire and put up my feet.

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